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Robotic mowers

Robotic mowers

Within the Wiper Premium range you will find robotic mowers suitable for gardens with a mowing surface of 400 m² to 6,000 m². The Wiper Professional robotic mowers are designed for the management of large lawned areas, such as parks, golf courses or soccer fields, with a surface of 7,000 m² to 20,000 m².

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Robotic lawnmower | 700 m² Wiper Premium I70
Robotic lawnmower | 400 m² Wiper Premium Blitz XH4
Robotic lawnmower | 500 m² Wiper Premium C6
Robotic lawnmower | 1.100 m² Wiper Premium C12
Robotic lawnmower | 1.800 m² Wiper Premium C20 S

C20 S Wiper Premium Robotic lawnmower | 1.800 m²

2 x 2,5 Ah 1800 m² 8

° App control via Bluetooth
° Connect module: GSM

€ 2.099,00 (Advisory price incl. 21% VAT)

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Robotic lawnmower | 800 - 1.800 m² Wiper Premium K-serie
Robotic lawnmower | 2.200 m² Wiper Premium JXH
Robotic lawnmower | 2.800 m² Wiper Premium SRH
Cable laying machine Wiper Premium NT60
Robotic lawnmower | 2.600 m² Wiper Premium F28
Robotic lawnmower | 1.800 - 3.200 m² Wiper Premium KS-serie
Cable laying machine Wiper Premium DW45
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